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 Tangshan Jikuang Mining Supplies Co.Ltd  is a large scale company, which specializes in steel trading and distributing.With the registered capital of RMB fifteen million , fixed asset of RMB fifty million and warehouse of more than three hundred acres, our company is the largest trade company which specializes in mining steel trading.

 Our company has established strategic partnership  in the long term with many state-owned steel groups like Tanggang steel ,Shougang steel ,Jinxi steel , Xuanhua Steel Group, Handan Steel Group, Wuhan Steel Group and so on. With the advantage of  products, capital, technology, information and excellent personnel, our company can provide one-stop service with our customers including consultation,storage, distribution and so on.

 With the expanding of our business, our company not only can provide universal I beams of 9#,11#,12#; support steel of 18UY, 25UY, 25U, 29U, 36U, 40U; light rails of 18kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kg like before, but also can supply cold rolled steel coil ; steel plates; steel sheet piles and so on. Our products can be applied into different fields including construction, metal products and  so on.

 Due to the company belief of integrity, our company has gained many titles including “ the company of emphasizing quality and credibility” since 2003. Our products not only dominate many markets in China, but also get big share in the international market.
 With the belief of serving customers sincerely, we will do our best to offer our customers what they need.