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May, 15th, 1998     Tangshan Jikuang Mining Supplies CO.Ltd is established in Tangshan High-Tech Development Zone.
2003                  Our company gains export operation right.
Feb, 2004           By taking the road of scientific development, General Manager, Bao Liyong, makes major adjustment of the management structure to improve competitiveness in the complicated market. Our company have gained huge success by hard work for three years.
Nov, 2004          Our company acquires right of self-managed import & export, and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.
2005                Our company gains the title of Honor of China AA credit customer from the Agricultural Bank of China.
2006              Our company gains the title of “ the enterprise of Quality Credit AAA Level .
January,1th, 2006      Our company becomes the special sales agent of Tangshan Steel Group to sell the products of I Sections for mines, supporting steel, light rails, carbon structural steel, steel angle, channels and so on from Tangshan Steel Group .
2006-2007          Our company is awarded the trophy of “Quality and Celebrity” by Hebei Institute of Industrial and Commercial Administration.
Jan, 2007           Our company is awarded as pace-setter enterprise by Hebei General Labor Union.
2007              Our company becomes the special guest in the 9th China Economist Forum.
2007- 2008        Our company becomes a member of China Steel Procurement Integrity Trade Union.
2007                 Our company sets up an office in Zhengzhou, Henan.
2008            Our products have been sold to all provinces in China except Hainan Province .
2010                Our company sets up an office in Taiyuan, Shanxi.
2011-2013          Our company is honored as “the most trustworthy enterprises” by Tangshan Bank.
2014               Our company Signs strategic cooperation agreement with Hebei Steel Group.In August 2015, our company invited senior enterprise management consultant to participate , standardize the management of the company, and assist in the normalization of the company.  
In 2016 the wage reform program was introduced and the performance management was successfully implemented to achieve performance pay.

In March 2016, the international trade department was established and started the export business.

In May 2016, the company's network construction was more standardized and achieved to Internet + steel sales.The company website has been added English form, increasing Photos, text, steel standards, culture and other contents . 

In July 2016, the company launched other types of steel products other than mining steels, including heavy rail,fishtail plate,rail spike, anchor,steel plate,welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and other products. The sale quantity of new products is 1586 tons from January and October. 

In July 2016, the international trade department successfully signed the first order , exporting Mining U beam to Georgia and signed three orders within the same month.Total quantity is 586 tons.  
On August 17, 2016 Hongkong Beihua International Trading Co.,Limited was established. 
In October 2016,we began to put forward the budget management, and made a budget on sales department, foreign trade department, network department, comprehensive department, and finance department of 2017.

In December 2016, the second business department was established, focusing on the procurement of products for foreign trade, and sold new products other than mining materials.

In January 2017, we cooperated with alibaba for the 12th year, and truly became a member of Internet integrity.

In April 2017, we had a trip to Yimeng mountain,carried the patriotic spirit, inherited the revolutionary will, and embarked on the red journey .

In May 2017, we joined in the Minmetals and alibaba steel platform and became a partner with the shop for 4 and a half stars.Meanwhile ,we opened credit sale business and became the first batch company of Internet steel credit sale .

In June 2017, we became the designated supplier of shougang construction group, supplying building materials.

In July 2017, we have a trip to the grassland ,which is named “Tianlu".

In August 2017, the company made a strategic cooperative relationship with China twenty-two metallurgical group.

In November 2017, alibaba began its dream trip in foreign trade -- Tianjin station.

In 2017,we honored as "key supplier" by Heijin Times Co., Ltd  for 2017 supplier performance assessment and credit grade. 

In 2017, the foreign trade department exported steel to South Korea, Sri Lanka, Kenya, UAE, Madagascar, Africa, Pakistan, Kuwait, Russia and other countries.

In 2018, we are on the way !